Keeping Motivated..

When I was doing my Soul Sweat vinyasa training, one of the required readings was Effortless Prosperity by Bijan. It’s a good little book about living life, it has daily affirmations meant to guide you towards that good life. I sort of likened it to a low-key, modern day version of Book 1 of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

To remind you of your daily affirmations, Bijan suggests you write them on the palm of your hand so you have a reminder throughout the day. This was totally my speed. Before my iPhone, blackberry, file-o-fax, I was a notorious blue bic pen appointment setter on my palm. Naturally I followed Bijan’s suggestion and wrote my little daily affirmations on my palm each morning:

I am peace

I am light

And so on. It was a wonderful excuse for me to get artsy on my palm. When the 30 days of affirmations were up so was my palm artistry. I haven’t written notes on my hands since!

My question now is why?!? it was a fabulous daily reminder and I’ve just decided I’m going to do it again. Not Effortless Prosperity, but my own daily affirmations and mantras on the palm of my hand to keep my goals and intentions fresh in my thoughts? I bet it will be a helpful change catalyst.

Here’s this morning’s hand hahaha. It’s not a delicate reminder. It’s big blue block letters.

It’s not palm artistry. It’s not pretty. It’s my reminder for the day. Drink Water. Start Karma Hours. Go to Yoga.

My first reminder today is to drink WATER! As a Health Coach and a yoga instructor and a part time hot yoga practitioner, you would think I would be great about drinking water. The secret is I’m not. I’m terrible about it. I never remember until I’m dying of thirst and by that time my brain is sucking my waste-water to get its hydration. Totally gross!!

KARMA is the second. This reminder is two-fold. Daily task, and big picture. Daily task is simple, I start my karma/work study hours at Coba Yoga this morning. I need to get there on time! Big picture is just a nice reminder to do good.

The last, YOGA is a no brainer. There’s a 6pm class at Hot & Soul tonight and I want to get to it… no, I need to get to it. I’ve been trail running with Stella to prep or Rebel Race and now my hamstrings are even more knotty than they usually are. I wish I could find a hot Yin class somewhere, that’s exactly what I need. But I guess the next best thing will be class at H&S – it’s literally the hottest studio in Monmouth County – not because it’s hip or trendy, because it’s like practicing in the jungles of hell.

Perhaps as I progress with my hand art reminders I will move towards henna inspired art and Louise Hay-esque mantras and affirmations. Right now I just need to remember to drink more water. Go to Coba Yoga for my karma hours and make it to the 6pm hot class tonight.

So far I made it to my hours…I’m drinking my water…and I’ll let you know if I make it to the 6pm class. 🙂

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