Next Chapter: Married Life

They say life changes after marriage. I don’t necessarily agree. Well, actually life changes after planning a wedding. There’s no more obsessing over dresses, colors, guest lists, and cake. There’s still obsessing over food, health, fitness, and vacations.

In all honesty, not much has changed with Stephen and I.  We’re married. We’re happy. We’re building a home together. It feels great. We got a puppy, Stella Bella Bleu, isn’t she beautiful??

That’s her at 8 weeks and about 10lbs. She has since grown into a 50 pound 4 month old, filled with devilish mischief. Isn’t she gorgeous? (I know, I already asked, but I couldnt help myself but to ask again!) She’s a Great Dane and she’s got some big Cheybee paws to fill, but so far she’s melted my heart. Though, sometimes I slip up and call her Chey, it’s weird, not sad. It makes me smile.

Juggling marriage life, a new puppy, teaching yoga, being a health coach, doula and small business owner is not easy. It’s a delicate balance.  Sometimes I drop the balls. Sometimes I fall down. Some days I struggle. But I always move through it and carry on, mostly with a smile on my face.  As my life has progressed to another chapter, so will this blog.  Say good-bye to the wedding posts, I am back to my normal self.  I am ready to begin babbling again about life, which mostly includes yoga and food….possibly other things., but mostly yoga and food.

I’m glad to be back!

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