About Me

Hello YOU, I’m Terra!

Welcome to my oasis (aka my online home).

I’m thrilled that you have found you way here! I’m all about working with passionate, visionary yoginis and supporting them in their wanting desire to build thriving businesses by tapping into their business moxie and teaching them to become organized, professional, savvy and successful entrepreneurs.

Passionate. Professional. Prosperous.

The thing is to be all of that it’s all about living your life’s true mission – changing the world through yoga and making a living doing it, all while having FUN and staying centered.

You’ll soon discover that I talk a lot about bringing professionalism and organization to the yoga industry but also about what it means to run a true heart-centered business while creating a cult-like following, connecting deeply with your tribe, keeping your shit together without burning out and changing the world through yoga. Every. Single. Day.

By practice I am an attorney as well as a Life + Business Coach but underneath it all, I promise you this… I’m a Yogini on a Mission. Just like you.

I grew up in the Adirondacks. True Story. I took my first yoga class at the International Society for Krishna Consciousness when I was 18 years old and worked my way through college as both a waitress and real estate agent. I went to law school and practiced contractual law for a fortune 500 Pharmaceutical company.

With a severance check + a big dream, I left my 6 figure legal career and created my own thriving holistic health coaching business. I soon started living full time as a coach and yoga teacher. I was doing what I loved and earning from it. Two years later I joined a yoga-centered t-shirt company and printing business, co-founded a corporate yoga studio + wellness center that served a corporate campus with over 4000 employees.

Over the past 8 years I have worked with hundreds of yoga businesses, teachers and non-profit organizations. Through all this I’ve learned first-hand the dynamics of running a yoga studio, fostering relationships within it, building a yoga career, organizing events, retreats and workshops.

Breaking this down –Yoga is a 27 billion dollar industry and it continues to grow. The game has changed. If you want to make a living, authentically, without selling your soul, you need to step it up as a teacher, an entrepreneur and a professional. Bringing organization and professionalism to the yoga industry is a huge passion of mine; I’m completely determined to help yoginis live their life’s mission, change the world through yoga and make a living doing it.

Make no mistake—it takes work. Hard work. Determination. You have to get your hands dirty and of course, sweat. You’re changing people’s lives for the better and that makes the world better, one soul at a time. I do what I do because I want to support you and yes the world. You and me are on similar missions here. Let us inhale and exhale together – side by side.

As a Board E-RYT, attorney and certified life + business coach, this stuff isn’t just my passion. It’s my dharma. My life’s purpose is to help yoginis, energy workers, peacemakers, earth keepers and heart centered entrepreneurs live fully abundant passionate lives through collaborative partnership with strategic chutzpah and loving intuition.

Bottom line teaching women to live their life’s mission, change the world, and making a living doing it is my creed. You better believe I’m standing on my soapbox, shouting it out to the world- Changing the world through yoga is a viable career choice! If you’re passionate about yoga and ready to get serious about your career, then connect with me.

The Dirty Details about me In No particular order…

  • I’m an ENFJ and Virgo. Details, color coding and alphabetization turn me on (see technicalities below).
  • I grew up in the mountains, specifically the Adirondacks. The High Peaks and the Adirondack Coast will forever be the place I call home.
  • I love the Red Sox and hate the Yankees. I don’t care if NY is my home state. If you love the Yankees, I may like or even love you but I will automatically think a bit less of you.  This is my bias. Example: She is a freaking superstar! I’m in love with her. BUT she’s a Yankees fan. The first step is accepting those things we cannot change.  Deal with it.
  • I used to have a love affair with Strunk & White. I blame the Internets for our bitter breakup.
  • I’m a tree hugger and a hippie. I cried when Jerry died and sat outside Tower Records on Newbury Street with a candle.  I have never been dirty but I have been to over 100 Phish shows. Sober Trey is the best Trey.
  • I’m a Girl Power Pusher  (Feminist) with a propensity for politics, dirty chai, and antiques. And by propensity, I really mean addiction.

If you want to get technical here’s my official deets:

Memberships and activities:

Communications, Politics & Law

International Environmental Communication Association:  Member
American Bar Association – Member, Health Law Section
New York State Bar Association – Licensed Attorney, Health Law Section
Vermont State Bar Association – Licensed Attorney

Women’s Advocacy

National Organization for Women
Phi Sigma Sigma Chapter Key Advisor, Delta Phi Chapter, Monmouth University.
Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation – Communications Chair

Yoga, Health & Wellness

Yoga Alliance – 200hr E-RYT, RPYT
International Association of Reiki Professionals – Usui Reiki Master
American Association of Drugless Practitioners – Certified Holistic Health Coach
International Coach Federation – Life Coach Certification, Business Coach Certification, Spiritual Coach Certification
DONA – Doula

Talk to me!

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