A Videographer: Now We Can Record Our Love…


A videographer is not in our budget. Until recently we never thought of it as a priority.   The idea of someone lurking around the ceremony with a camera in our faces just turns me off.  We want or ceremony to be as intimate as possible and we’re already behind the game with an invitation list of 200.  Add to the mix someone we don’t know, dressed in black wandering around with a bulky camera on their shoulder? eh not so much.

Apparently a videographer is something I should want. Who knew? Far be it for me not to comply with the bride gene, so just for fun I started researching videographers in Vermont.  At first I didn’t have much luck. None of the vendors I looked up had video samples that resonated with me.  I decided it wasn’t worth the expense or annoyance. Then I stumbled upon this beauty by Alice Wedding Video Productions:

Sooooo I may understand now why couples want wedding videos. I get it. I love the documentary style of this video. There’s nothing uncomfortable or forced, it doesn’t include “page turning” still shots set to sappy music. It simply captures the laughter, love and beauty of the day. *swoon*

I never thought I would be a video bride. But the more I research, the more I am finding I just might be. Over and over I’ve heard brides say the one thing they regret is not hiring a videographer.  The question is, can we find a chunk of money in the budget for it? And even more importantly, how does Stephen feel about it? Once upon a time he was a film major in college, so he’s all sorts of opinionated about film.

Are you a video bride?

5 responses to “A Videographer: Now We Can Record Our Love…”

  1. Love the video! My family took the video and captured some really cool scenes. It was a real home made video with shakiness and all but it was perfect. I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on the videographer cause the photographer had already taken my other arm and leg 🙂

  2. Cool. Stuff like this is expensive but it’s worth it. I was totally against having a video too. I thought the same thing – it’s cheezy, I don’t want him all up in everyone’s face. If I see 1 guest with a mic and a “message for the couple” I’ll scream…

    BUT: 2 cousins & my brother made a great point I can’t argue with. They could’ve had video & didn’t. They could’ve captured Aunts & Uncles dancing & chatting, my Nana’s toast — walking, talking forever recorded memories. My parents are older and both D & I have older relatives. God forbid anything happens, but how cool would it be to show our kids “that’s your Uncle Mark” if he’s not around much longer. Also, the idea of looking at everyone in 20yrs & our kids saying “Wow, Mr. Smith used to have hair???” LOL Ours isn’t great as this, but at least we have it to keep. Just something to keep in mind.

  3. Ah! Hi Terra! I’m Jordan 🙂 So glad you enjoyed our wedding video! Alan is amazing! We just did a site visit here with a couple who found us via your blog — we are now renting our place for events! I didn’t think I was a “video bride” either but I now think the video is even more important than the photos! Thanks so much, JvT

    1. Hey Jordan!
      That’s so fabulous! Your place was amazing and I am sure you made that bride super happy to have her wedding there. I know how hard it is to find just the right barn, I struggled with that for a long time.

      I actually havent opened up my blog in months until today and just saw all the comments. Now I feel obliged to follow up with all the after pictures! 🙂

      BE well!

  4. Thanks Terra!
    That bride is me 🙂 and yes I was super happy! and I look forward to offering the place to other brides in the future! Yes please, show us the “after” photos!

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