It’s OFFICIAL, Oprah Loves ME!

Remember back in January when I said I had BIG NEWS? Well, it’s officially official. I can say it out loud in public.


I think I just peed a little when I typed that, I am still in shock.  Run straight out to your local newsstand, Barns & Nobles, CVS, Walgreens, whatever, and pick up the March issue of O Magazine. Then flip to page 120.   I am there! I am one of 5 Health Coaches featured in “In Your Corner: A new breed of coach can help put you at the top of your health game.

Holy Crapola batman! I still can’t really believe it. It’s all very surreal.  The Universe has an amazing way of telling you you’r life is on the right path.

It’s so important to listen to the clues the Universe gives you. You see, my MOH (with a little bit of my loving encouragement) recently started her own business as a professional organizer, The Organizta (you can follow her blog here). Like all solopreneurs she’s totally scared and questioning the decision to go out on her own. It’s really hard leaving the corporate world!  Never in a million years would she have bought O Magazine just to read, but she knew I was in it so she picked it up. And smack dab on the front cover: “De-Clutter Your Life”  It’s the universe at play again, gently reminding her that she is indeed on the right path. And that same day, a really big organizing opportunity came her way. It’s synchronicity and I LOVE IT!  How lucky am I to have a professional organizer as my Maid of Honor?

*happy dance*

One response to “It’s OFFICIAL, Oprah Loves ME!”

  1. that’s freaking awesome!!! I think the universe always speaks to us.. sometimes I just don’t hear Her.

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