Yoga and Grace

I’m not sure how I am a yoga teacher, considering how clumsy I am.  It seems like I can’t go 1 month without a bruise or two on my knees from something or other (keep the snickers to a minimum!).

Thursday I was walking to Novel Teas for my weekly business meeting with 3 Healthy Chicks. It was the first nice-ish day in a while so rather than drive 2 blocks and fight snowbanks for parking I decided to huff it. Little did I know the sidewalk ice would be so treacherous!  I wiped out in front of Tommy’s Cafe. My bag flew up in the air and landed with a thud and I landed on my knees. YOWCH. I was worried about my macbook, but it booted up fine at our meeting.

Last night I was working on the feather pomanders.  I reached into my bag to grab my camera to document the DIY progress. I turned it on and the LCD screen was cracked and black. My camera didn’t make it through my fall. SO TRAGIC!

So between now and February, when I finally get my Verizon  Iphone, the real time photos are going to be a bit scarce in this blog. My poor camera. So sad. 😦  I will leave you with with a picture of Teddy, our resident bear from our Cajun Christmas Party…my last photo upload. *sniff sniff*

Teddy’s getting ready for Mardi Gras.

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