Becoming a ‘Semi-DIY Bride’

I thought there were two types of brides in this world, the Do It Yourself Bride and the Buy It Yourself Bride.  I didn’t realize there were other options available until I started planning my own wedding and began to turn into Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee.

I love and hate Sandra Lee all at the same time. Her Semi-Homemade theory combines 70% ready made products with 30% fresh to make everyone believe you did it all from scratch.  How dare she fake fresh, home cooked food with packaged additives and preservatives?  The Health Coach and the traditionalist in me hates her for that. Then I see her cute little smile,  her carefully chosen menus, her perfectly coordinated colors, impeccable table scapes, and her pension for creating potent yet delicious cocktails and the wedding planner in me has to love her for it. Ultimately the wedding planner in me wins out over the health coach, just don’t tell the other Healthy Chicks.

I have these grandiose plans of DIY-ing everything. I am in awe of people like Mrs. Poodle and Mrs. Sewing wedding planning bloggers on The Wedding Bee. They blow my mind with their amazing hand made gowns, invitation designs, and hand crafted fabric bouquets (to mention only the tip of their ice berg of projects!).  I stay up late at night, scouring images of DIY projects and dreaming of how to incorporate them into our wedding.  Then I get anxty about the follow through.

I am  what I would like to call a hobby crafting collector. I like to start new, exciting and different crafting projects thinking it will become the hobby of choice only to move on to the next best thing. I move on for various reasons, most of which involves patience the other involves boredom. So far I’ve tried my had at paper crafting (even purchased a Criciut!), embossing, stamping, beading, jewelry making, paper making, card making, knitting, sewing, calligraphy, hoop making (started a business, turned a profit, then got bored with it and let it drift off into cyber neglect), chocolate making…. the list is truly endless.

This all adds up to me being the third type of bride out there, the Semi-DIY Bride. I almost have the skills, patience and follow through to be a true DIY bride, but not quite, I need to actually buy the hard stuff. Maybe as I move through my Semi-DIY projects I will gain more confidence and test the waters of the traditional DIY Bride. Only time will tell!

Are you a DIY Bride, a BIY Bride or a Semi-DIY Bride?

Talk to me!

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