From Corporate Attorney to Yoga Teacher and Health Coach

Last night on 60 minutes there was yet another story on the economy. About the 99ers. The people that are in their 99th week of unemployment, still without viable jobs and work. It’s scary what’s going on out there.  And I feel like I’m on the fringe of it all.

You see, I used to be a pharmaceutical attorney. I used to make over 100k a year with full medical, dental, 401K, everything. You name it. I had it. Life was pretty easy. I hated every second of my job, it was counter to every ethical, moral and political ideology that I embraced. But it gave me an easy life. I could shop when I wanted. My bills were paid on time and Stephen and I went out whenever we wanted, usually 3-4 nights a week!!  Things have changed a bit since then. I am no longer an attorney with a cushy salary. Now I teach yoga for $8 a person and I teach women how to live healthy lives so they won’t ever need pharmaceutical drugs.  It’s a bit of a flip.

Last year my company was bought out by Pfizer, Inc. I danced with joy because this was my opportunity to really transition my career into what I was destined to do. I never wanted to be a pharmaceutical attorney. Hell, I haven’t even filled a prescription in over 10 years!! I just somehow ended up there. I always wanted to teach yoga. I lived holistically and wanted to teach others to do the same. With a buy out, comes downsizing. I could “quit” the law gig without having to explain anything to my parents. “I was downsized, Mom.”   I was, and it was awesome. Buh Bye corporate drug pushers! Buh bye dull job. Buh Bye big fatty salary……..

Stephen has been an amazing support through all of this. I don’t know many people who would not harbor even a little resentment over such a drastic income reduction. When I think about what I had, what I was making and how I was spending. It makes me a little sick. My salary now isn’t even a 1/4 of what it was working for the corporate machine. Yet,  I don’t feel poor or deprived. I don’t feel like I go without. I just feel pure contentment and gratitude for the ability to follow my own bliss and maybe touch a few lives while doing it.

It IS awesome.  I love everything about my new career.  I am actually doing what I love and loving what I am doing.  I don’t think  many people actually get to the opportunity to do that. Thank You Universe! My new business, Sprouting Wellness is slowly picking up. Over the past 4 months I’ve gone from 200+ fans on facebook to over 600.  It feels good to do good for people. And not be a slave to the corporate grind.

Sometimes I day dream about what it would be like to plan our wedding on my old 6 digit salary. About how we might have gone to Bora Bora for a honeymoon instead of Prince Edward Island or Florida or Colorado….or where ever we decide that is in budget. And then I am reminded of how miserable I was sitting at a desk from 9-5 pushing paper and arguing 101 different ways over the same indemnification provision.  UGH. I will gladly take this life change!

Did you go through a major life change while planning your wedding?

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