Now how couldn’t you love dresses with a company name like that? Quite to the point, don’t you think?

I have officially decided on who I am going to ask to be a part of the bridal party. I will have 1 MOH and 5 bridesmaids and in lieu of asking my oldest friend to be a bridesmaid, I am going to ask her to preform a portion of our ceremony (the Wine and chocolate part). She’s an actress, will memorize her “lines” and be wonderful. Bridal party will be in Marine blue, oldest friend will be in orange. She’s the only one I know that can and will rock the orange like a starlet!

As for the dresses, I am choosing the color and then will allow my party to choose their designs from the following:

The fabulous thing about, not only are they inexpensive (all designs above are under $175) but you get to choose the fabric, color and length!!! That is perfect for my MOH who I know doesn’t enjoy wearing shorter lengths.  She can choose t-length or longer!!!

My only request when they choose their dress is that is be Chiffon or Organza (Im not really a fan of the shiny satin -and lets be honest, it’s not the most flattering fabric!) and the same color.  Right now I think the Marine Blue looks fabulous on line, however that may change after I go look at swatches in person.  I want to check out the navy, royal and water dance to see which one works best.  If we got the September date, I was definitely going to go with navy, but since we confirmed the August date,  I’m not shy about really rocking the bright summery colors.

How did you dress your bridal party? Uniform or flexibility?

One response to “PrettyBridesmaids”

  1. Oooh – I love those 1st 2 dresses. I think it’s great to let them choose their own. I wanted to do the same but all my girls insisted they WANTED to look the same. LOL

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