Some things just take you by surprise…

When I left for work yesterday, our neighbor stopped me in the hall to ask “How’s Cheyenne doing?”

It took my breath away.  I thought everyone knew.

I told him that she had to be put down in February, bone cancer ant it went quickly and that I was blessed to have 11 and a half years with her.  He just looked sad.

I proceeded to cry all the way to work.  2 months later and it still hurts so much.

For the longest time, it was just Chey and I.  She was my rock, the one thing that loved me unconditionally and that would never leave me.  We used to have long discussions about how she would stay by my side until there were someone else there to protect me and care for me. She wouldn’t leave me until I was married.  In the hours before we put her down while I was laying with her on my bed, even though she was in terrible pain, she kept picking her head up to look at Stephen.  Literally every few minutes she would look up and over at him, make eye contact to be sure he was there.

The day after she passed, Stephen and I were on the balcony. I was crying. I looked at him and laughed and I said “you know you have to marry me now”  He smiled and said, “I know, we (Cheyenne) and I had a long talk about it, don’t worry.”

It feels empty without her here. I miss her every day. But I do know that she waited for me until the time was right. She know I would be safe and secure with Stephen. She knew he would take care of me. Great Danes just don’t live for almost 12 years.  She was my greatest love and I am forever grateful for her loyalty.

2 responses to “Some things just take you by surprise…”

  1. Hi! Random, but I happened upon your blog by googling, but I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading it! Particularly, this post. When I moved out of my parents house, the first thing I did was get a dog. I don’t like roommates so I got a one bedroom apt so her and I were BFF’s. People who saw me through my windows probably thought I was crazy because I talked to myself all the time, when really I was talking to a little red mini dachshund they couldn’t see. Long story short, she took to my fiancee like glue and at one point I remember saying “you know you have to marry me now or Phoebe will never forgive you.” She is only 5 and still with us, but I read this post and bawled in my cube at work. Please know how much this post touched me and that I’m sure Cheyenne was the bestest dog friend in the world! And I’m sure she’ll be there when you marry Stephen : )

    Best of luck in the wedding planning!


  2. Thanks for your kind words. I just reread my post and cried all over again. I miss her every day. Last weekend we had our engagement photos taken. I was in a sour mood all morning and didn’t want to get them done and I couldn’t figure out why…then it dawned on me that when I pictured engagement photos I always pictured the three of us.

    As silly as it sounds, I plan on keeping a photo of her in my Nanny’s locket – which will be attached to my bouquet. Non-dog people will never understand. But dog people know that she was my child. ❤

    Thanks for reading! i am a terrible blogger. I should work on my consistency.

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