Beautiful Blue Ball Jars!!!

I may not know exactly the date Stephen and I will be getting married….could be February, could be June. One thing I do know and have known for a VERY long time is that I am in love with antique Blue Ball Mason Jars!

They simply scream out vintage, antique country chic to me.  I see them lit up with tea lights,  decorating the reception venue in all shapes and sizes giving off a beautifully romantic blue hue.  And this self proclaimed snow bunny sees them stuffed  and overflowing with puffy pink peonies.  Yeah, the ones that are only in season in June (so many things making me lean towards late spring early summer wedding! who knew?!)

They really just don’t get any prettier. I get my pink and the rest of the wedding party (who ever I decide on them being…) doesn’t have to complain about wearing pink because they can wear some shade of blue!

I’ll be honest. These silly mason jars are so important to me that I just made my very first wedding purchase (aside from the cake topper that Stephen bought us for Christmas last year).


It’s your friend for all things old and hard to come by.  I purchased 6 blue ball mason jars, 3 are 1/2 gallon sized and 3 are 1 qt.  Those I didn’t have to bid on because there was a “buy now” option.  I also bid on two other lots of different sized jars.  eeeee! So excited about them!

The more real the engagement and wedding planning becomes the less wishy washy I am getting about “things”   Though, I do know most brides flip flop colors and ideas many times before deciding on the thing.  Flip flopping aside, I love my blue ball mason jars!  Spring, Fall or Winter, they will be a part of our reception.

Did you know that one thing that you’ll incorporate into your wedding regardless of season or color scheme?

Talk to me!

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